Friday, July 20, 2012

Successfully losing weight

I think most of my friends know that I am trying to lose weight. Some times I cannot control my diet and go wild and berserk(after turning vegan/vegetarian I can safely say that there's less things for me to eat heheheh) and I don't have as much time to exercise as I did during the holidays(thank you school) but I have actually lost a total of 8kg since I decided that I'm really going to work hard to lose weight, which was around February or March. Every day I wake up and I think about losing weight til' I'm in the healthy weight range but some times that's not enough motivation for me control my diet. I think about the benefits. I will be healthier, I can wear clothes without feeling self-conscious, I can run without stopping every kilometer and feeling out of breath, I will look better. That's pretty much most of the reasons why I want to lose weight.

I want to lose another 30kg because that's where my healthy weight range is. You can see that that's really far and I've never disclosed information about my weight before, I'm actually 87kg now. I always feel embarrassed when people asked me about my weight and even though I didn't really care about how fat I was(and still am actually), I didn't like it when people seemed shocked and tell me I'm almost double of their weight. I really hated it.

I'm going to lose more weight(in the healthy way, of course) and I will reach what I want to be soon. AWESOME ;)

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Feeling grateful

I've learned so much in the past few days. A really invaluable lesson, I can say. So many words, but I can't seem to choose the right words to describe how I'm feeling.

I am very thankful for life. To be given a life, to be able to breath, to be able to walk, to be able to sing(although I'm horrible at it), to be able to see, smell, and touch. And that's not all I'm thankful for.
Without my family and friends, my life wouldn't be anything special. My life may not be the best, I may not have wealth and I may not have the healthiest body, but I am so thankful I have a life. A life where memories can be created, where experiences can be built and 50 years later I would probably be telling these stories to my kids.

I really don't know how to express my gratitude. I've learned that, feeling grateful and feeling good would just unveil a better tomorrow. I have dreams, I have hopes and slowly, I see them coming true.

Thank you life ♥

Saturday, June 16, 2012

10th birthday doggy!

Exams ended a few days ago and I'm having my term break now, so that also means time for me to do a really long blog post wheeeee. Introducing to you my favourite boy....

Meet my pet dog, Lucky. He may not look like it in this photograph but he turned 10 years old about two weeks ago on the 2nd of June. Apart from the conventional 'Lucky' that my family members call him, he's nicknamed 'Lala' by my sister. When she first nicknamed him that my hair stood because she was calling him in such an act cute manner and I have never seen her acting cute before and it doesn't suit her manly personality at all. Maybe she was in love at that time hahahaha.

Okay back to story. I think it's remarkable that doggy has managed to live into his 10th year of existence, more into that next time. The above photo is one of him on his birthday and I forced him to take photos with the presents I bought for him which we was quite reluctant to. He's quite impatient as well, and very greedy. By the way I got him a leash(always missing), a collar(doggy might like being fashionable hmmmm) and a strawberry cake(mentioned that doggy is greedy, strawberry cause' pink's my favourite colour heheheh).

Only I was there to celebrate doggy's birthday this year because mummy won't celebrate doggy's birthday(she hates him) and dad doesn't really celebrate his birthdays, and my sister was overseas.

That's all for this post and I may upload more photos later if I'm not lazy heheh.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Strange dreams and scary premoniitons

I've been quite unlucky lately.
I forgot to do my culture quiz online yesterday(which was also the deadline) because I saw something that made me terribly nostalgic in a miserable way so I went home lamenting and cried while watching TV and I was so overwhelmed by my own sorrow that I forgot to do anything related to school at all. It was the first thing I remembered when I woke up this morning though.

I've been having strange dreams these few days, which always happens when I'm tired(in the lacking of sleep kind of way). I don't remember my dreams, unless they are dreams which seem like deja vu or dreams that some how seem familiar in real life but I always end up forgetting what I dream after a while anyway.

And I've been having scary premonitions lately as well. I foresaw myself getting involved in a car crash and when I had that premonition I could really imagine the pain from getting smashed by windows and what other metal parts of the car. I don't mean to scare myself but it's just a premonition like that.
And I had another premonition while I was on the way home Japanese class that the world will come to an end and I would be discussing it with my friend and then I would realise that it doesn't matter if life is at its end and that it would be better if I die, maybe even. And that's scary because I think living without emotions is one of the scariest thing that can ever happen.


Sunday, April 29, 2012


Some times I can get so confused about life. What's the purpose of living, if we're going to die anyway?

I won't say I'm an optimistic person, because I am not one at all but to have come this far in life despite re-considering life so many times, I really think I've done a good job. I hope I'm not a fool of the Earth's hands.

There's a saying that suggests everyone will find meaning in life. I'm still 18 years old and people may tell me I'm young but if that's so why do I feel so old? Why do I feel like I've wasted the past 18 years of my life? I'm impatient by nature and I can't wait any more for this, where's my meaning in life?

I might spend some of my days doing things that I like but what's that short-term satisfaction? How long can happiness last me? One second? Or maybe at most a day. But that's it.

Give me meaning in life.

Friday, April 13, 2012


For the past few weeks, possibly months, I've been very depressed and that kind of stuff.
I think I'm someone who doesn't express my problems very much.
I try to express my emotions as much as possible, because I believe that it's being truthful to one's inner self, and self-expression is an art too. I like being artsy and I like to appear sophisticated and educated. But I always smile, even if I don't understand what's happening, like I'm an idiot. But then again I guess that's artsy too.
Or maybe I'm having problems at home, and when I go out I forget all about these problems, then when I'm at home I start to cry again. That kind of thing.
Time will heal all wounds, as the saying goes.
But it's not only time, it's having a lot of friends. Then even if I'm at home, I'll forget about certain things, even if it's only a short period of time.

Thank you to everyone who has been there for me. I don't really tell people my problems unless I'm on the verge of falling into total pessimism and seeing everything makes me wants to cry and nothing cheers me up, not even ice cream. And I guess these friends don't really know that what's flowing through my mind, although the pessimistic side of me appears once in a while, I guess they'll catch a glimpse of my melancholy.
And every time someone catches that rare sight and ask me what's wrong, I'll most likely burst into tears. I would most likely not say anything, but crying on a shoulder is very comforting, and I guess it reduces depression up to 50%. Okay maybe not 50% that's a personal estimation. Then when I stop crying and try to say what's wrong I'll start crying again. But crying on a shoulder reduces depression up to 50% so it's okay.
I'll be there for you when I can, and I'll try to help in whatever way I can as they have been there for me.
I'm not the type that can talk mushy upfront to a person, so I hope everyone who has been there for me will be able to read this.
♥ you guys!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Weight Loss Diary

I'm a very boring person and I haven't been blogging very often lately, because I have nothing to blog about.

Heh heh heh.

Anyway within the entire month of March, I lost a total of 6kgs. It was the result of hard work and resistance to temptations to delicious food.
Okay, the second part is a bit of a lie.
Every time I have my PMS, I will start craving for a lot of food. And most of the time what I crave for is fries and potato chips and things like that.
The only good thing about PMS is that I won't put on weight heheheheh.


Friday, March 09, 2012

Going vegannnnn!

I realised I haven't blog in a very long time(again again) cause' I really have nothing to blog about. I'm a very boring person who leads a very boring life.

BUT HERE'S SOMETHING NEW WHEEEEE! I'm going to talk about going vegan(as the title says!) because I AM GOING VEGAN!

I have a lot of reasons to go vegan and I'm finally into my vegan diet after contemplating for some time. Why? Because this is Singapore and it's hard to get vegan food and having a mum like mine it's hard to go vegan. Heck, my mum thinks vegan and vegetarian are the same thing.

I first decided to go vegan when I was a kid. Because my mum was slaying a crab and I thought, poor thing. But my mum forced me to eat the crab which was so yummy. And I never got to going vegan.

But that's before, I've decided to go vegan after reading about how animals being farmed for food are abused and something else that made me realise it's stupid to eat DEAD animals. Yeah, look at lions, they hunt their own food and eat them while they're still alive. WE EAT THEM WHEN THEY'RE DEAD, like in the process of decomposition and it doesn't rot as fast as it should because of all the chemicals and preservatives. Oh did I say I try to eat organic food too?

A lot of people think vegan food = vegetables and fruits. NOT TRUE OKAY. We eat stuff like rice too. And nuts. And soy products. The first time I eat vegan muffins I was like OH MY, swept off my feet. I love vegan.

AND LET ME TELL YOU THIS. I'm into day 5 of my vegan diet and I have lost around 3 to 4 kgs depending on which weighing machine I use. SO IT HELPS IF YOU WANNA LOSE WEIGHT. But of course I don't just eat vegan, I do muay thai and Brazilian Jiujitsu almost everyday. And let me tell you it works because I don't lose weight when I eat normally and do the same sports routinely. I've even put on weight wtfwtf. But the weight is coming off and it's making me happy whee.

I've decided to go vegan for life although I think it's not very possible because I do eat things even when I'm not hungry at times such as when my friends are eating and I realise I'm the only one who's not eating. And I order food on impulse when I'm very hungry and I hate wasting food so I'll force myself to finish all the food. And I don't have any vegan friends. But I'm quite determined to do this! Hopefully it lasts. AND I SHALL SEE MY SEXY LEGS IN 10 MONTHS TIME HEEHEE (:

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I made 20cent from BLOGGING!

I'm going to say some disappointing things. Well, I really like blogging and in fact, I started my first blog when I was in primary school, way before most of you kids did! On and off I blogged on different blogs because back then I was really shy about sharing things with people I knew because I was afraid I would get laughed at. Then I stopped blogging because I thought I was boring! Then came the day that I decided to re-incarnate and started blogging again and signed up for Nuffnang but truth is I'm being materialistic and I'm in desperate need of money. I'm not gonna sound like emo shitz again so don't worry!

And then a few days ago came the proud moment when 20cents from blogging! I'm actually quite proud of myself and I hope I can earn more, to be honest. For someone like me, who can't find a permanent part-time job due to studies, earning money through blogging really makes me happy since it's something I love doing.

Truth is, I also home to gain some fame from blogging because that would show I'm an interesting person. SO IN ORDER TO GAIN FAME(and money) AND BUILD MY REPUTATION, I promise I'll be doing a giveaway if I hit 50 followers(and hopefully $50 heheheh)! I have yet to confirm what I'll be giving away, but basically it will comprise of make-up products because I love make-up, so I'll decide what I'm giving away! So to show me some support, just click the follow on the right yeah?

P/S: How do I change my blog template? I don't know how to code Blogger layouts fuuuuuuu

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

7 days left to live

No, no, the title's an exaggeration. Today I had an assessment on an individual oral presentation for one of my my modules and the theme of my presentation was things I would like to do before I die, and our tutor made us base it on a question as such, what will we do if we have 7 days left to live?

Let me talk about my presentation first. I drafted up a speech, albeit without much research, but I didn't really read my speech out during the presentation. I wrote the main points on a piece of paper, what I should do, as each day passed by. The first thing I wanted to do was to write a will. The rest of the days were dedicated to travel and on the last day, I said I would send in my obituary to the newspapers and spend the rest of the days with my sister, mum and two dogs, although one is not living with us any more thanks to the father that I hate so much. Damn me I sound like emo shitz.

When I came back home, I Googled photos of the places I said I would like to go to. One such was Amsterdam, also better known as the sex and drug capital of Europe. I said I didn't want to die a virgin, so I'll go to Amsterdam to have sex.

The red light districts there are literally red! Well, I'm kind of aware that in Amsterdam, prostitutes stand behind the glass windows like mannequins, but why do all the photos only show women?

I really want to go to Venice as well! I've learned about Venetian history and culture through social studies lesson and it's quite well known that people travel from town to town via gondolas, and it is distinct for it's culture as well.

I also said I wanted to visit Tokyo for it's vibrant and daring fashion, and spend a whole day there shopping. I fell in love with Japan long ago because of visual kei, and of course if I were to go there to shop, I would buy clothes from Liz Lisa, Murua, W♥C and other brands!

Liz Lisa is definitely one of my favourite brands because of their girly designs!I love Wakatsuki Chinatsu's style! It's really unique!

Well, I said lots of other things I would love to do before I actually die and I got all sorts of comments because we had to be evaluated by classmates. Two people said I was a bimbo but I know I'm not stupid, so I'll gladly accept the fact that I'm pretty! (:

I'll say that after I drafted up my presentation, 7 days isn't a lot to do everything one would probably want to do so while you're still alive and healthy, do the things you want because we only live once, so we should make our life as fulfilling as possible! That's all from me for now, what aspirations do you have? Share them! (:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A dream

It would be nice, if I could have a dream come true. When I was a kid, I was spoon fed with fairy tales and believed in happily ever after. I wonder if I still do now. Well, turns out life is no bed of roses.

If I could have a wish that would be granted, I would wish for a thousand more wishes. Cause I'm greedy enough.

Alright, I'm just blogging to destress. Some time later I'll look at this and be grossed out at how emo deep shit I was.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Muay Thai - Q&A

I intended to keep the fact that I learned muay thai a secret because I was afraid I would scare people off, but alas comes the time when the cat has been let out of the bag- I carry my gloves to school most of the time and some how they've caught people's attention. I've been asked these questions a lot of times so I guess I'll just publish them on my blog.
  1. Of all martial arts, why muay thai?
    It wasn't my choice at first, I wanted to learn another martial arts which my parents were kind of against. My parents wanted me to learn muay thai because they've witness how 'fit' my sister has become, although she still doesn't look very fit to me muahahaha. Although I was reluctant, I attended the trial lesson and I actually found muay thai fun. Heeheehee.
  2. How long have you been doing muay thai?
  3. I'm into my third month. The first month I trained I attended once a week, whereas I signed up for the unlimited package in the second month where I would could at least three times a week and at most five times a week.
  4. Where do you train at?
  5. I train at ImpactMMA, which is located in Shenton House. They offer Brazilian Jiujitsu and MMA trainings as well.
  6. What do you do in training?
  7. Honestly, a lot of cardio is involved. Aside from technical training, a lot of time is spent doing things like sit ups, push ups, squats, etc.
  8. Does muay thai help to burn fats?
  9. Although I don't think I've burnt off any fats, YES, muay thai does help to burn fats and lose weight. This is evident from a few who trains at the same gym as I do.
  10. Why are your gloves so big?
  11. They aren't huge at all, why are your eyes so small?
Hope this serves to help most of your questions! If there are any more questions you have about muay thai, please feel free to leave them in the comments section. Cheerios and have a nice day!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

MyFatPocket! - and why I love them ♥

Has anyone else heard about MyFatPocket?

I first found out about MyFatPocket(MFP) after stumbling upon Miyake's blog some time back. MFP is actually one of the leading women portals in Singapore and its website features topics such as beauty, lifestyle and gossips. Of course there's more! Some time around last year, I started to participate actively in the forum because of the luxury giveaway which I also found out from Miyake's blog! Quite honestly, I never I thought I would have won anything but I walked away with the grand price of the Chanel 2.55 which costs around $6, 500! I was really lucky, was I not? And they don't just give me the bag. They fetched me from my house(by cab of course), took me to the Chanel boutique in MBS, allowed me to choose which one I want(of course there's a price limit), paid my dinner and sent me back home!

Wanted to get mine in pink, but I listened to my mum and got black! But I'm loving it

It doesn't stop there, right away after the giveaway, MFP re-introduced sample points and members can collect samples or full-sized products! For example, I've redeemed full-sized products from Fuwarie! I've checked out two more carts of Fuwarie products and facial masks, and their office in Telok Ayer is actually really near the gym I train at in Shenton Way, so technically speaking, I pay nothing for collecting these products!

Bobbed hair styling mist, tight arrange jam and soft arrange jam! Can't wait to test them out!

Of course there are other giveaways and contests! They've introduced Friday freebies and recently, I won an iPad 2 cover from their series of giveaway from Singpost's new line of products, Enveloopy! I was hoping to win the laptop cover but I guess winning the iPad cover was awesome too, just that I don't have an iPad. Heh heh heh. But that can wait, I believe my dad will buy me an iPad soon. Teehee.

Wanton Doodle iPad cover! It looks much cuter in reality!

Well, what are you waiting for? Click here to register on their forum now!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Reunion dinner

This is going to be a plain, boring blog post with no pictures at all, written simply to remind myself of the reunion dinner that happened last evening.

To be honest, I've always hated my dad's side of the family, except for my first aunt, because I've always thought of them as stern people that make little judgement in whatever they do. There's a bad side to it that happened while I was growing up. And so, I wasn't looking forward to sitting down at a dining table with all of them which was supposed to happen next week, but due to a miscommunication, it was supposed to happen last night.

I was already savouring the taste of my McDee's prosperity burger and I received a call from my cousin who told me that we should be heading to a restaurant, Jim Tim Restaurant to be exact by the time I had finished my meal. I was so pissed because they could have called earlier. After all, they called me later than the supposed meeting time, which was very clear to be 7pm be the dinner this week or next. And I was cursing with my sister.

So we flagged a cab down to the restaurant which was located in Ang Mo Kio. And of course I expected the worst, but the dinner was surprisingly good, not only because of the food.

The restaurant was a fairly affordable one, considering that one table costs around $390 and there were nine of us, and it was a 7-course dinner. I don't take into fancy Chinese cuisine, but the dessert was pretty good.

The first dish was lo hei, just like last year. My aunt wished I would do well in studies, my uncle wished I would lose weight and my dad wished he would strike 4-D and Toto.

Of course there were things that I didn't enjoy. Shark's fins because why the hell are we eating shark's fins when sharks are going to be extinct! But I didn't dare voice that out because I was afraid of sounding like a helpless goose nyapping away about conserving sharks. And of course I forced myself to eat duck meat. HOW COULD I EAT DUCK MEAT. Ducks are so cute, and I just ate something cute. First time eating duck meat and I'm never GONNA do it again. I hope I re-incarnate as a shark or a duck if re-incarnation exists.

We had a good chat, had a good laugh and spoke about different things; things I never expected I would talk to them about. A real surprise, that is. I had a good meal.