Tuesday, January 31, 2012

7 days left to live

No, no, the title's an exaggeration. Today I had an assessment on an individual oral presentation for one of my my modules and the theme of my presentation was things I would like to do before I die, and our tutor made us base it on a question as such, what will we do if we have 7 days left to live?

Let me talk about my presentation first. I drafted up a speech, albeit without much research, but I didn't really read my speech out during the presentation. I wrote the main points on a piece of paper, what I should do, as each day passed by. The first thing I wanted to do was to write a will. The rest of the days were dedicated to travel and on the last day, I said I would send in my obituary to the newspapers and spend the rest of the days with my sister, mum and two dogs, although one is not living with us any more thanks to the father that I hate so much. Damn me I sound like emo shitz.

When I came back home, I Googled photos of the places I said I would like to go to. One such was Amsterdam, also better known as the sex and drug capital of Europe. I said I didn't want to die a virgin, so I'll go to Amsterdam to have sex.

The red light districts there are literally red! Well, I'm kind of aware that in Amsterdam, prostitutes stand behind the glass windows like mannequins, but why do all the photos only show women?

I really want to go to Venice as well! I've learned about Venetian history and culture through social studies lesson and it's quite well known that people travel from town to town via gondolas, and it is distinct for it's culture as well.

I also said I wanted to visit Tokyo for it's vibrant and daring fashion, and spend a whole day there shopping. I fell in love with Japan long ago because of visual kei, and of course if I were to go there to shop, I would buy clothes from Liz Lisa, Murua, W♥C and other brands!

Liz Lisa is definitely one of my favourite brands because of their girly designs!I love Wakatsuki Chinatsu's style! It's really unique!

Well, I said lots of other things I would love to do before I actually die and I got all sorts of comments because we had to be evaluated by classmates. Two people said I was a bimbo but I know I'm not stupid, so I'll gladly accept the fact that I'm pretty! (:

I'll say that after I drafted up my presentation, 7 days isn't a lot to do everything one would probably want to do so while you're still alive and healthy, do the things you want because we only live once, so we should make our life as fulfilling as possible! That's all from me for now, what aspirations do you have? Share them! (:

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