Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I made 20cent from BLOGGING!

I'm going to say some disappointing things. Well, I really like blogging and in fact, I started my first blog when I was in primary school, way before most of you kids did! On and off I blogged on different blogs because back then I was really shy about sharing things with people I knew because I was afraid I would get laughed at. Then I stopped blogging because I thought I was boring! Then came the day that I decided to re-incarnate and started blogging again and signed up for Nuffnang but truth is I'm being materialistic and I'm in desperate need of money. I'm not gonna sound like emo shitz again so don't worry!

And then a few days ago came the proud moment when 20cents from blogging! I'm actually quite proud of myself and I hope I can earn more, to be honest. For someone like me, who can't find a permanent part-time job due to studies, earning money through blogging really makes me happy since it's something I love doing.

Truth is, I also home to gain some fame from blogging because that would show I'm an interesting person. SO IN ORDER TO GAIN FAME(and money) AND BUILD MY REPUTATION, I promise I'll be doing a giveaway if I hit 50 followers(and hopefully $50 heheheh)! I have yet to confirm what I'll be giving away, but basically it will comprise of make-up products because I love make-up, so I'll decide what I'm giving away! So to show me some support, just click the follow on the right yeah?

P/S: How do I change my blog template? I don't know how to code Blogger layouts fuuuuuuu

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