Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011

It's officially the last day of 2011, and if you asked me how my year end, I would say it was pretty much like a roller coaster ride. There were ups, and downs.

The beginning of my year was a relative flat line. I had a lot of time to waste until school started. All I did was shop, and occasionally worked(at the place where I did during my secondary school days). School started around April, and it being my first year in poly, I was placed in many challenging situations. One of it being time management. I had to allocate so much more time to my studies, in contrast to secondary school.

I guess my life line this year started to fluctuate after the starting of school. Good things happened, I made a lot of good friends, I had a lot of fun with these friends. Throughout these times, in between, I had a lot of desperate moments though, meeting the faces of misery and dejection. However, I shall not describe these moments in detail because they are things I would like to leave behind me. I would like to bury these memories some where.

I guess the trough of 2011 was in the early days of December. I really thought my life would turn so soooooo sour, some aliens from the land of Pluto would come and kidnap my head away or something. But that's not true. December got better, and it reached the peak because I won a bag teeheehee.

There are many other things that happened all around the world, not confined to my life. But these occurrences have in a way or another, made an impact in my life. Such as the series of earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, does anyone remember that? I wasn't in Japan, I'm not a Japanese, but watching and reading the news really made me break out in tears because I have friends in Japan, and I love Japan that much.

Then Osama died. I guess many would call in a joyous celebration because he was a most wanted man before his passing on, but honestly at that time I thought it would be more interesting to see him live on. I think I'm quite a whacko, but I honestly thought it would get more boring if we're many steps more towards world peace.

Then Steve Jobs passed away. I wasn't sad for him because at that time, I wasn't a fan of Apple, but many others were sad for him. I guess his death is something that would change Apple as a corporation.

I thought I could just share my resolutions for the new year here in this same post!
  • Lose weight! I wouldn't mind being fat if it was healthy. I have been writing this same resolution every year and it's a LONG overdue resolution that needs to be realised!
  • Become prettier! Because I'm not pretty enough ah hah hah hah fml.
  • Be more healthy and healthy
  • Pull up my GPA because I'm not doing well enough!
  • GET MY DRIVING LICENSE! Cause' I'm turning 18! ;)
  • To become a better person, because' there's always room for improvement

What are some of the memorable things you've encountered in 2011? What are your resolutions for 2012?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Whenever I look out of the window, I would imagine white speckles falling from the sky, on the trees, on the buildings, a vast spread of white jam. So cold so that at night, I would need to cuddle under 300 layers of blanket or something.

Sadly, in Singapore, it's never going to snow. Instead of snowing, it's raining. Instead of piles of snow to bury one's self in, it's puddles of water to splash in. I'm getting bored of the weather here.

I want a Christmas so white, such that I won't remember the colour black never existed. I want to see snow, feel snow, and even eat snow.

Merry Christmas in advanced!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sweet Lady Setup Giveaway by Moments Like Diamonds! [Coordinate idea]

I'm a reader of Moments Like Diamonds and some time ago, I read this entry, Sweet Lady Setup Giveaway and I'm finally going to blog about how I would coordinate the retro girly top to up my chances on winning it! The top is just so cute and I really hope I win this giveaway!

Alright, here goes!

The blouse has heart prints with a black collar, which reminds me of some of the dresses I've seen in gyaru magazines(in PopSister particularly!). Just that in these gyaru magazines, they either do not have patterns or are polka dotted. Being inspired by this dressy image, I started my search on the perfect skirt!

I wanted a skirt with a flare to add on to the girly touch and when I saw this skirt and thought it was the perfect design to pair with the top, but just the wrong colour :( And I continued to search through several other brands; Stradivarius, New Look, H&M, Honeys and I finally found something which would be perfect on Topshop's website! I thought this skirt has the perfect flare and the perfect length, so I thought it would match really well with the topSkirt from here!

Now it's time to hunt for the perfect accessories. A red floppy hat, a red pair of wedges with a pair of socks and a brown shoulder bag would complete the look I had in mind.

When I thought about wedges, I recalled seeing a gorgeous pair of wedges on Liz Lisa's website some time before. And while I was surfing through Liz Lisa's website to check if the wedges were still there, I found the perfect bag for this look too! Lucky! Now, Liz Lisa has been my favourite brand since the first time I saw it. Their clothes and accessories are always so cute and girly, and I'm a girly girl so wouldn't a girl like me love Liz Lisa? (:

Wedges from here and bag from here!

I thought it would be best to coordinate everything with a pair of black knee length socks but after looking at the wedges, I realised a pair of crew socks would be an even better idea to flow with the girly-ness! Crew socks seem really trendy in Japan now and it's really kind of cute! And after searching around, I found something on Masuwaka Tsubasa's S♥leg, which is her line of socks! The lace and the ribbon would look very well with the wedges in my opinion. I had something frilly in my mind though, but I thought this would do just as well!

Click here for the socks!

For the final accessory, I wanted a hat which is big and floppy. I feel it carries elegance but at the same time, can be rather girly. And I thought a red hat would suit the overall look better! So after looking around, here is what I found!

Hat from here

Well, tell me what do you think of my coordinate! Would love to win the top, oh the top! I spent so much time looking for the perfect items to coordinate the top with so I'd better win haha! And good luck to everyone else joining the giveaway! Until then~ ;)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The need to lose weight

I feel the need to blog about this. Losing weight, that is. Today I saw an ex-colleague from the time I was working part-time in secondary school and the most noticeable thing about him was that he had lost weight. He used to be strikingly obese(just like how I still am).

One thing I've been fighting with my own body for the longest time now is obesity. I have always been obese since, forever. The peak of my weight was at 100+kg when I was in primary 6 and this is very real. On and off, I've lose weight, put on weight and once in a while I still go jogging and my current weight now is 80+kg. This may not be a very good excuse but I'm someone who don't have a lot of time to spare for things other than studies and when I do find the time, I just want to do something relaxing and slow-paced, or what I'd say find time to breathe.

Every time I see someone I know who has lost a lot of weight(the previous one being a primary school friend, and when I saw him he was actually very muscular and had 6 pecs wth), I feel some sense of motivation to lose weight but my motivation is always quite short lived. When I saw my ex-colleague, he told me lose weight through dieting and exercise. He actually eats cereal for dinner, tries to avoid rice and goes to the gym thrice a week with each session lasting not more than an hour. I'm not a rice-eater and rice isn't something that's staple to me, but as I've already said, the problem with me is finding time in my schedule to workout. Fml I end school at 6 or 7 everyday except for Friday when I end at 1.

Now I really feel the need to lose weight. I always see pretty dresses and think to myself that I'll buy them when I lose weight and will be able to fit in. Not only for the looks, but I really feel grossly obese and unhealthy. But that's me in a vicious cycle of procrastination.

I will really try to lose weight, that's a promise. Has anyone tried any methods of weight loss before and has worked? Please share!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AFA 11'!

Over the weekends I had the chance to attend AFA! For the benefit of those who do not know what AFA is, it is the abbreviation of Anime Festival Asia and it is an annual event where cosplayers, otakus(means nerd in Japanese!) and even J-pop lovers gather. Click here to find out more! (:

I never had the chance to attend this festival in the previous years since it first started because I didn't think it would be of any interest to me. Back then my opinion on cosplay wasn't very good(although I liked cosplay when I was in primary school!), and I didn't think of myself as an otaku and neither did I like J-pop that much. I thought it would be a waste of time and money, while I could be doing better things like earning money or studying.

I slowly saw myself evolving into an otaku. I mean, I liked anime and manga but during the most recent holiday I had, I spent a lot of my time watching anime and before long I realised I had a new-found love towards Japanese animation. Then I discovered that my friends were attending this event and then curiosity struck me. I decided to attend this year's event with my buddies as well!

Of course, not expecting much, I entered the convention hall on day 2 with just a mere $40 in my wallet. But obviously $40 wasn't enough. Saw many things which I would LOVE to buy, and not to mention I saw a booth, which was called Sword, and it had the cutest, I mean the CUTEST EVER hats. The hats they sold were like bunnies and pandas and I bought the panda one! And when I wanted to buy the bunny one with the dangling scarf and mittens, I forgot what was my PIN number to my ATM card(right, I'm the only person I know who keeps forgetting PIN numbers FML T_T). I actually got a friend to help me purchase it on day 3 and by then the colour I wanted was already out of stock FMLx2. The only two colours left were grey(which he helped me bought the last piece) and golden brown.

Now I've learned my lesson. Shall return to AFA next year with at least a few hundred dollars!

Now it's time for piccies! I didn't actually take any at the event but I'm sure you're curious to see how cute I look like with the hats right wtf

Panda hat! Forgive the lighting in the photo. It was a zi lian shot wth.

And bunny hat! This one's actually my friend's when she bought it on day 2, but it's the exact same one as the one I got another friend to buy for me on day 3!

Well, I will definitely visit AFA again next year and I'll definitely bring more money! How was your AFA?

Monday, November 14, 2011

New blog!

Created this blog some time ago, but I guess I didn't really publish in it. Just one, which I have deleted.
I used to blog when I was in primary school, and in secondary school but stopped during the later years of secondary education due to time constraint. What made me decide to re-enter the blogosphere is that I guess I just love blogging; to organise my thoughts, to gather advices and opinions, to share my thoughts and feelings. I guess this is pretty much like 3 for the price of 1!
For those that do not know me, I go by the name Joy, and yes, that's my real name. I get asked a lot if that's a self-given name but no, if I had to choose a name for myself, I'd like to be called Felicity. Right now I'm a student in Temasek polytechnic. That shall be all from me for now, more about me will be unveiled in the future posts of this blog so stay tuned! Have a wonderful day!