Sunday, November 20, 2011

The need to lose weight

I feel the need to blog about this. Losing weight, that is. Today I saw an ex-colleague from the time I was working part-time in secondary school and the most noticeable thing about him was that he had lost weight. He used to be strikingly obese(just like how I still am).

One thing I've been fighting with my own body for the longest time now is obesity. I have always been obese since, forever. The peak of my weight was at 100+kg when I was in primary 6 and this is very real. On and off, I've lose weight, put on weight and once in a while I still go jogging and my current weight now is 80+kg. This may not be a very good excuse but I'm someone who don't have a lot of time to spare for things other than studies and when I do find the time, I just want to do something relaxing and slow-paced, or what I'd say find time to breathe.

Every time I see someone I know who has lost a lot of weight(the previous one being a primary school friend, and when I saw him he was actually very muscular and had 6 pecs wth), I feel some sense of motivation to lose weight but my motivation is always quite short lived. When I saw my ex-colleague, he told me lose weight through dieting and exercise. He actually eats cereal for dinner, tries to avoid rice and goes to the gym thrice a week with each session lasting not more than an hour. I'm not a rice-eater and rice isn't something that's staple to me, but as I've already said, the problem with me is finding time in my schedule to workout. Fml I end school at 6 or 7 everyday except for Friday when I end at 1.

Now I really feel the need to lose weight. I always see pretty dresses and think to myself that I'll buy them when I lose weight and will be able to fit in. Not only for the looks, but I really feel grossly obese and unhealthy. But that's me in a vicious cycle of procrastination.

I will really try to lose weight, that's a promise. Has anyone tried any methods of weight loss before and has worked? Please share!

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