Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AFA 11'!

Over the weekends I had the chance to attend AFA! For the benefit of those who do not know what AFA is, it is the abbreviation of Anime Festival Asia and it is an annual event where cosplayers, otakus(means nerd in Japanese!) and even J-pop lovers gather. Click here to find out more! (:

I never had the chance to attend this festival in the previous years since it first started because I didn't think it would be of any interest to me. Back then my opinion on cosplay wasn't very good(although I liked cosplay when I was in primary school!), and I didn't think of myself as an otaku and neither did I like J-pop that much. I thought it would be a waste of time and money, while I could be doing better things like earning money or studying.

I slowly saw myself evolving into an otaku. I mean, I liked anime and manga but during the most recent holiday I had, I spent a lot of my time watching anime and before long I realised I had a new-found love towards Japanese animation. Then I discovered that my friends were attending this event and then curiosity struck me. I decided to attend this year's event with my buddies as well!

Of course, not expecting much, I entered the convention hall on day 2 with just a mere $40 in my wallet. But obviously $40 wasn't enough. Saw many things which I would LOVE to buy, and not to mention I saw a booth, which was called Sword, and it had the cutest, I mean the CUTEST EVER hats. The hats they sold were like bunnies and pandas and I bought the panda one! And when I wanted to buy the bunny one with the dangling scarf and mittens, I forgot what was my PIN number to my ATM card(right, I'm the only person I know who keeps forgetting PIN numbers FML T_T). I actually got a friend to help me purchase it on day 3 and by then the colour I wanted was already out of stock FMLx2. The only two colours left were grey(which he helped me bought the last piece) and golden brown.

Now I've learned my lesson. Shall return to AFA next year with at least a few hundred dollars!

Now it's time for piccies! I didn't actually take any at the event but I'm sure you're curious to see how cute I look like with the hats right wtf

Panda hat! Forgive the lighting in the photo. It was a zi lian shot wth.

And bunny hat! This one's actually my friend's when she bought it on day 2, but it's the exact same one as the one I got another friend to buy for me on day 3!

Well, I will definitely visit AFA again next year and I'll definitely bring more money! How was your AFA?

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