Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sweet Lady Setup Giveaway by Moments Like Diamonds! [Coordinate idea]

I'm a reader of Moments Like Diamonds and some time ago, I read this entry, Sweet Lady Setup Giveaway and I'm finally going to blog about how I would coordinate the retro girly top to up my chances on winning it! The top is just so cute and I really hope I win this giveaway!

Alright, here goes!

The blouse has heart prints with a black collar, which reminds me of some of the dresses I've seen in gyaru magazines(in PopSister particularly!). Just that in these gyaru magazines, they either do not have patterns or are polka dotted. Being inspired by this dressy image, I started my search on the perfect skirt!

I wanted a skirt with a flare to add on to the girly touch and when I saw this skirt and thought it was the perfect design to pair with the top, but just the wrong colour :( And I continued to search through several other brands; Stradivarius, New Look, H&M, Honeys and I finally found something which would be perfect on Topshop's website! I thought this skirt has the perfect flare and the perfect length, so I thought it would match really well with the topSkirt from here!

Now it's time to hunt for the perfect accessories. A red floppy hat, a red pair of wedges with a pair of socks and a brown shoulder bag would complete the look I had in mind.

When I thought about wedges, I recalled seeing a gorgeous pair of wedges on Liz Lisa's website some time before. And while I was surfing through Liz Lisa's website to check if the wedges were still there, I found the perfect bag for this look too! Lucky! Now, Liz Lisa has been my favourite brand since the first time I saw it. Their clothes and accessories are always so cute and girly, and I'm a girly girl so wouldn't a girl like me love Liz Lisa? (:

Wedges from here and bag from here!

I thought it would be best to coordinate everything with a pair of black knee length socks but after looking at the wedges, I realised a pair of crew socks would be an even better idea to flow with the girly-ness! Crew socks seem really trendy in Japan now and it's really kind of cute! And after searching around, I found something on Masuwaka Tsubasa's S♥leg, which is her line of socks! The lace and the ribbon would look very well with the wedges in my opinion. I had something frilly in my mind though, but I thought this would do just as well!

Click here for the socks!

For the final accessory, I wanted a hat which is big and floppy. I feel it carries elegance but at the same time, can be rather girly. And I thought a red hat would suit the overall look better! So after looking around, here is what I found!

Hat from here

Well, tell me what do you think of my coordinate! Would love to win the top, oh the top! I spent so much time looking for the perfect items to coordinate the top with so I'd better win haha! And good luck to everyone else joining the giveaway! Until then~ ;)

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