Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011

It's officially the last day of 2011, and if you asked me how my year end, I would say it was pretty much like a roller coaster ride. There were ups, and downs.

The beginning of my year was a relative flat line. I had a lot of time to waste until school started. All I did was shop, and occasionally worked(at the place where I did during my secondary school days). School started around April, and it being my first year in poly, I was placed in many challenging situations. One of it being time management. I had to allocate so much more time to my studies, in contrast to secondary school.

I guess my life line this year started to fluctuate after the starting of school. Good things happened, I made a lot of good friends, I had a lot of fun with these friends. Throughout these times, in between, I had a lot of desperate moments though, meeting the faces of misery and dejection. However, I shall not describe these moments in detail because they are things I would like to leave behind me. I would like to bury these memories some where.

I guess the trough of 2011 was in the early days of December. I really thought my life would turn so soooooo sour, some aliens from the land of Pluto would come and kidnap my head away or something. But that's not true. December got better, and it reached the peak because I won a bag teeheehee.

There are many other things that happened all around the world, not confined to my life. But these occurrences have in a way or another, made an impact in my life. Such as the series of earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, does anyone remember that? I wasn't in Japan, I'm not a Japanese, but watching and reading the news really made me break out in tears because I have friends in Japan, and I love Japan that much.

Then Osama died. I guess many would call in a joyous celebration because he was a most wanted man before his passing on, but honestly at that time I thought it would be more interesting to see him live on. I think I'm quite a whacko, but I honestly thought it would get more boring if we're many steps more towards world peace.

Then Steve Jobs passed away. I wasn't sad for him because at that time, I wasn't a fan of Apple, but many others were sad for him. I guess his death is something that would change Apple as a corporation.

I thought I could just share my resolutions for the new year here in this same post!
  • Lose weight! I wouldn't mind being fat if it was healthy. I have been writing this same resolution every year and it's a LONG overdue resolution that needs to be realised!
  • Become prettier! Because I'm not pretty enough ah hah hah hah fml.
  • Be more healthy and healthy
  • Pull up my GPA because I'm not doing well enough!
  • GET MY DRIVING LICENSE! Cause' I'm turning 18! ;)
  • To become a better person, because' there's always room for improvement

What are some of the memorable things you've encountered in 2011? What are your resolutions for 2012?

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