Monday, January 16, 2012

Reunion dinner

This is going to be a plain, boring blog post with no pictures at all, written simply to remind myself of the reunion dinner that happened last evening.

To be honest, I've always hated my dad's side of the family, except for my first aunt, because I've always thought of them as stern people that make little judgement in whatever they do. There's a bad side to it that happened while I was growing up. And so, I wasn't looking forward to sitting down at a dining table with all of them which was supposed to happen next week, but due to a miscommunication, it was supposed to happen last night.

I was already savouring the taste of my McDee's prosperity burger and I received a call from my cousin who told me that we should be heading to a restaurant, Jim Tim Restaurant to be exact by the time I had finished my meal. I was so pissed because they could have called earlier. After all, they called me later than the supposed meeting time, which was very clear to be 7pm be the dinner this week or next. And I was cursing with my sister.

So we flagged a cab down to the restaurant which was located in Ang Mo Kio. And of course I expected the worst, but the dinner was surprisingly good, not only because of the food.

The restaurant was a fairly affordable one, considering that one table costs around $390 and there were nine of us, and it was a 7-course dinner. I don't take into fancy Chinese cuisine, but the dessert was pretty good.

The first dish was lo hei, just like last year. My aunt wished I would do well in studies, my uncle wished I would lose weight and my dad wished he would strike 4-D and Toto.

Of course there were things that I didn't enjoy. Shark's fins because why the hell are we eating shark's fins when sharks are going to be extinct! But I didn't dare voice that out because I was afraid of sounding like a helpless goose nyapping away about conserving sharks. And of course I forced myself to eat duck meat. HOW COULD I EAT DUCK MEAT. Ducks are so cute, and I just ate something cute. First time eating duck meat and I'm never GONNA do it again. I hope I re-incarnate as a shark or a duck if re-incarnation exists.

We had a good chat, had a good laugh and spoke about different things; things I never expected I would talk to them about. A real surprise, that is. I had a good meal.

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