Friday, March 09, 2012

Going vegannnnn!

I realised I haven't blog in a very long time(again again) cause' I really have nothing to blog about. I'm a very boring person who leads a very boring life.

BUT HERE'S SOMETHING NEW WHEEEEE! I'm going to talk about going vegan(as the title says!) because I AM GOING VEGAN!

I have a lot of reasons to go vegan and I'm finally into my vegan diet after contemplating for some time. Why? Because this is Singapore and it's hard to get vegan food and having a mum like mine it's hard to go vegan. Heck, my mum thinks vegan and vegetarian are the same thing.

I first decided to go vegan when I was a kid. Because my mum was slaying a crab and I thought, poor thing. But my mum forced me to eat the crab which was so yummy. And I never got to going vegan.

But that's before, I've decided to go vegan after reading about how animals being farmed for food are abused and something else that made me realise it's stupid to eat DEAD animals. Yeah, look at lions, they hunt their own food and eat them while they're still alive. WE EAT THEM WHEN THEY'RE DEAD, like in the process of decomposition and it doesn't rot as fast as it should because of all the chemicals and preservatives. Oh did I say I try to eat organic food too?

A lot of people think vegan food = vegetables and fruits. NOT TRUE OKAY. We eat stuff like rice too. And nuts. And soy products. The first time I eat vegan muffins I was like OH MY, swept off my feet. I love vegan.

AND LET ME TELL YOU THIS. I'm into day 5 of my vegan diet and I have lost around 3 to 4 kgs depending on which weighing machine I use. SO IT HELPS IF YOU WANNA LOSE WEIGHT. But of course I don't just eat vegan, I do muay thai and Brazilian Jiujitsu almost everyday. And let me tell you it works because I don't lose weight when I eat normally and do the same sports routinely. I've even put on weight wtfwtf. But the weight is coming off and it's making me happy whee.

I've decided to go vegan for life although I think it's not very possible because I do eat things even when I'm not hungry at times such as when my friends are eating and I realise I'm the only one who's not eating. And I order food on impulse when I'm very hungry and I hate wasting food so I'll force myself to finish all the food. And I don't have any vegan friends. But I'm quite determined to do this! Hopefully it lasts. AND I SHALL SEE MY SEXY LEGS IN 10 MONTHS TIME HEEHEE (:

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