Saturday, June 16, 2012

10th birthday doggy!

Exams ended a few days ago and I'm having my term break now, so that also means time for me to do a really long blog post wheeeee. Introducing to you my favourite boy....

Meet my pet dog, Lucky. He may not look like it in this photograph but he turned 10 years old about two weeks ago on the 2nd of June. Apart from the conventional 'Lucky' that my family members call him, he's nicknamed 'Lala' by my sister. When she first nicknamed him that my hair stood because she was calling him in such an act cute manner and I have never seen her acting cute before and it doesn't suit her manly personality at all. Maybe she was in love at that time hahahaha.

Okay back to story. I think it's remarkable that doggy has managed to live into his 10th year of existence, more into that next time. The above photo is one of him on his birthday and I forced him to take photos with the presents I bought for him which we was quite reluctant to. He's quite impatient as well, and very greedy. By the way I got him a leash(always missing), a collar(doggy might like being fashionable hmmmm) and a strawberry cake(mentioned that doggy is greedy, strawberry cause' pink's my favourite colour heheheh).

Only I was there to celebrate doggy's birthday this year because mummy won't celebrate doggy's birthday(she hates him) and dad doesn't really celebrate his birthdays, and my sister was overseas.

That's all for this post and I may upload more photos later if I'm not lazy heheh.

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